The International MLS [IMLS] Welcomes Prudential Gammons of Rhode Island as New Preferred Partner

The International MLS [IMLS] Feature Story

Prudential Gammons Realty becomes a USA Preferred Partner Selected By The IMLS For Brokers Who Wish to Provide Global Exposure of Their Client’s Home Listings

Los Angeles, CA – January 24, 2013: The International MLS [IMLS] has announced today the inclusion of Prudential Gammons Realty in the state of Rhode Island as a Preferred Partner in the United States Real Estate Marketplace.œWe are excited to have Allen Gammons and Prudential Gammons Realty as the new Preferred Partner covering the entire state of Rhode Island, says Dr. Daniel Nussbaum, CEO/Founder of The International Realty, Inc. He continues by saying, œI know that Prudential Gammons Realty is always looking to do their very best for their clients, and Prudential Gammons Realty can now promote their listings globally as well as grow their business throughout the state of Rhode Island. We could not be more delighted about this than we are right now.The IMLS Preferred Partner Program provides an exclusive opportunity for a broker or top agent team to leverage The IMLS brand, intellectual property, and worldwide exposure to add more agents to their team as well as for all of their agents to use in marketing to home sellers who wish to have global exposure of their homes in the hopes of receiving the best possible price for the sale of their property.

Each Preferred Partner in their county or area will have this opportunity with The International MLS [IMLS] going forward to use The International MLS [IMLS] logo and marketing materials, and can have all of their listings on The IMLS platform at no cost.

The International MLS [IMLS], after bringing on more than 200,000 international listings from signed commission and promotion agreements all over the world, and recently delivering these international properties to the new international area, is now entering the USA market with a selected broker in each market in the country who wish to take advantage of The IMLS platform to grow their own local business.

Home sellers in the USA can now expect their homes to be marketed globally through a referred IMLS Preferred Partner and have their listings exported to several popular international real estate sites in similar fashion, in addition to the free IMLS search which is being delivered across the USA and around the world.

Allen Gammons, Broker/Owner of Prudential Gammons Realty, said “Our investment in this exclusive relationship with the IMLS demonstrates our commitment to delivering our clients the most effective marketing channels available in todays new high-tech world”.

In addition, Roxanne Tafuri, President of Prudential Gammons Realty said, “International marketing is becoming critical component to our business Model. We are unique in Rhode Island and this new platform is delivering a new engaging and focused platform that is measurable both by the Sellers and Buyers”.

About The International MLS [IMLS]
The International MLS is part of The International Realty, Inc. a privately held real estate company based in Los Angeles, California, USA that has around 200,000 property listings in 45 countries and more than 300 new home developments in 25 countries making it one of the more complete databases of property listings in the world. Property listings are imported via electronic XML data feeds from TOP selected global agencies, and from USA agents who may either send their data feeds or post their listings manually. The International MLS [IMLS] is the first Commission Share International MLS that delivers a no-cost proprietary IMLS search around the world, providing the ability for properties to be listed on hundreds of thousands of websites, The IMLS empowers all agents and brokers to display international property listings knowing that commissions can be made on any sale which is generated by their IMLS search through referral agreements signed between The International Realty Inc. and agencies around the world. Information on The International Realty, Inc. and all its services are available at and

About Prudential Gammons Realty
Prudential Gammons Realty is one of the top Real Estate agencies in Rhode Island. Allen B. Gammons, Jr., broker and owner, has been named one of the top 100 agents in the country by the National Association of Realtors multiple times. Whether you are looking for a historic waterfront home, a modern condo, or a commercial property our diversity of offices and agents can help you reach your property goals. You can find more information about Prudential Gammons Realty at

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