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  • Consumers:

If you would like to have your property listing exposed throughout the world, please contact us so we may direct you to one of our agent/broker participants. No listings may be posted except by licensed real estate agents and all USA property owners must have their property listings on the local MLS through a local agent or broker first… no exceptions.

PLEASE VISIT here for more information.

  • Agents:

Expose your property listings globally for FREE on thousands and thousands of IMLS search widgets across the USA and all around the world in addition to our real estate portals, and

If you are a licensed USA real estate agent, you may post your listings directly by becoming an IMLS agent-participant and may also sign up for your free IMLS search. You will obtain a login and password and you must be logged in to submit listings. You will be asked to fill out a registration form and your first property listing, which will be sent to your broker and requesting broker’s approval since there are referral commissions due upon a successful sale.

Once the broker has approved the agreement, your first listing will be entered and you will be notified and then able to easily enter all of your other listings. ALL leads from your properties will be sent only to you, and it expected that you contact all clients within 24 hours of being contacted. Every agent and broker in the world is relying upon your professionalism in every way.

Listings should be entered with 5 photographs whenever possible. Before you enter your own listings, please ask your broker if they already have submitted all of the listings on your behalf through their own XML feeds.]

Listings by agents is ONLY available for USA agents and with proper local MLS#

usaListings List Your Properties

Listings from OUTSIDE the USA must come from the agency owner via an XML feed which conforms with our feed specification which we will provide upon request.


If You Have An XML Feed:

International Brokers:

Please fill out the form on this page and we will send you our international agency agreement and then we will coordinate with you the taking of your XML feed with all of the listings of your agency.

USA Brokers:

While your agents may manually load their property listings [USA ONLY], we also offer you the opportunity to send your property listings to us electronically via an XML feed and make it an excellent service for your agents so that they will NOT need to post their listings manually. When you do, we will send customers as directed by you via your feeds. Please fill out the form to obtain your agency agreement posted HERE and we will coordinate the taking of your XML feed so that all of your agents need not enter each and every property listing manually.

USA Brokers  Who Do NOT Have An XML Feed:

Your agents will be wanting to post their property listings for global exposure. As soon as one of your agents fills out an initial registration form with the IMLS, complete with their first property listing, you will be notified and asked to agree to our Broker Referral Agreement. Once this has been done and submitted, the agent will be notified and be able to add all of their listings. Please let ALL of your agents know that you are participating with the IMLS. You will be asked to approve each agent as they sign up which then allows them access to submit all their listings.

If you would like assistance or to find out how all of your listings can be converted into an XML feed for a nominal monthly cost by an outside vendor, or have any questions at all, please contact us at

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