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Property Portal Watch Article on The International MLS

by Alice Allan, Property Portal Watch

US-based company The International Realty Inc. says it has created a world first with its international property search offering, dubbed the international MLS or “IMLS”.

CEO Dan Nussbaum, who started gathering listings for the IMLS in October 2009, explains that it works on a free-to-list model, with commissions shared for each sale.

“All listings are displayed on [the IMLS] for free, providing commissions for each referred client when a sale occurs,” Nussbaum explains, adding that all client leads are sent to the listing broker.

According to Nussbaum, the IMLS currently has nearly 100,000 listings from “top agencies around the world” including Coldwell Banker Mexico and a number of Coldwell Banker’s affiliates in the Caribbean.

As well as displaying these listings on and, the IMLS has also added its listing search to six real estate agency sites in the US, Canada, UK and Turkey, as well as property portals,, and adds that “we are also delivering property listings via our own XML data export feeds to some of the largest international real estate sites in the world,” however Nussbaum has declined to name these syndication partners.

Nussbaum does say that the IMLS system has recently resulted in the sale of a Brazilian property to a buyer in the UAE. He adds that he expects the IMLS to grow “exponentially” over the coming months as it is just now entering the US market and preparing to announce its first US collaboration agreement.

About The International Realty, Inc.
The International Realty, Inc. is a privately held real estate company based in Los Angeles, California, USA that has almost 100,000 property listings in 35 countries and more than 300 new home developments in 25 countries making it the most complete database of property listings in the world. Property listings are imported via electronic XML data feeds from TOP selected global agencies so that they can increase sales for agencies and empower all agents and brokers to display international property listings knowing that commissions can be made on any sale which is generated by their IMLS search. Information on The International Realty, Inc. and all its services are available at


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